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Team-Building Assessment Tools 

Success starts with self-awareness.   

Get to know yourself and your team through our research-backed, adaptive testing tools. As Authorized Partners for Everything DiSC®, PXT Select™ and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, we employ the best training tools and assessments to deliver measurable, continuous business improvements.   

With precise, personalized insights and actionable strategies in every assessment report, you’ll inspire positive behavioral change at every level. 

Assessments: Everything DiSC®

Ensure your team has all the knowledge they need to build and sustain high-performance teamwork.  

With a full suite of assessment tools for teams, Everything DiSC® profiles cover teamwork topics including self-awareness, emotional intelligence, management growth, sales development, leadership, and more.  

Workplace Profile 

Explore your unique style, preferences, and priorities, and build more effective relationships with others on your team. 

Agile EQ 

Empower yourself and your team to develop the emotional intelligence necessary to create a thriving, agile team dynamic.

Productive Conflict

Turn destructive work behaviors into productive, constructive responses, and level up your team by harnessing the power of conflict. 

Management Profile

Learn how to actively engage, motivate, and develop your people.  

Sales Profile

Adapt your sales style to meet your customers’ preferences and expectations through DiSC-based conversations.

Work of Leaders 

Align vision, strategy, and execution to develop impactful team leaders. 

Assessments: Five Behaviors® of Cohesive Team™

Ready to build a culture of true teamwork?  

Based on the groundbreaking book by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, these profiles teach team members key behavioral insights about themselves and their teammates to improve trust and working relationships. 

The Five Behaviors® Team Development

Evaluate your team’s performance in the five key areas required for cohesive teamwork: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. 

The Five Behaviors® Personal Development

Establish a culture of teamwork at the individual level by providing teammates with personalized recommendations for teamwork growth and improvement. 

Assessments: PXT Select™

Hiring can be costly. But what if you could eliminate bad hires and reduce turnover rates?  

Enter PXT Select™. With this powerful hiring and coaching tool, you can: 

  • Simplify the selection process 
  • Replicate top performers 
  • Engage your people 
  • Decrease the cost of bad hires 
  • Reduce hiring bias 
  • Increase employee retention 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Increase employee satisfaction  

PXT Select™

Put the right people in the right seats, and the rest is easy. PXT Select™ helps you identify the right people. Multiple reports guide selection, onboarding, coaching, and employee development.

Parallel Management Effective Teaming Events

Bring your team together for more collaborative, productive teaming.  

Is your team in flow? If not, you’re probably feeling it, even if you’re not sure what to do.   

Intentional teaming can help get your team on the same page and back in your productive rhythm. Overcome obstacles, establish new levels of team trust, and help your team reach new heights with our effective teaming events. 

Effective management is far easier with a committed, collaborative, cohesive team.  

Create a Self-Aware Team with Everything DiSC®

To create a team that is engaged, productive, and profitable, you need teammates who are self-aware. They must understand reaching new heights requires stretching outside your comfort zone – and be willing to go there.   

Build more collaborative teammate relationships through increased self-awareness and awareness of others with an Everything DiSC® team-building event.  

Participant takeaways:  

  • In-depth self-discovery 
  • Appreciation for differences in work styles 
  • Strategies for successful teammate interactions 
  • Personalized online engagement platform, Catalyst, to support active learning & ongoing application of DiSC 
  • Comparison reports to share and compare styles with teammates 
  • Practical tips for improving day-to-day working relationships 

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Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

Is your team falling into petty squabbles? Playing blame games or launching personal attacks? Dysfunctional team behaviors will derail your management efforts and prevent your team from operating effectively.    

Rise above conflict and stay focused on achieving team goals with a team-building event based on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ – Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.   

Participant takeaways: 

  • Establish a culture of trust 
  • Recognize and proactively address time-wasters like politics, confusion, and destructive conflict 
  • Practice leveraging conflict to achieve positive results 
  • Make better decisions, faster 
  • Create a competitive advantage by tapping into the skills and opinions of all teammates 

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Parallel Management Remote Teaming 101

If your team is operating remotely, and you’ve found yourself struggling to maintain a sense of team flow and cohesion, try Remote Teaming the Parallel Management way.  

This 90-minute, power-packed event will give your team both the reset and the boost they need for smooth, effective remote teaming.  

Participant takeaways: 

  • Understand how different personality styles react differently working remotely 
  • Identify personal collaboration and support needs in a remote work environment 
  • Explore ways to improve remote team collaboration  
  • Set up a rhythm for remote cohesion and productivity 

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Total Team Transformation SERIES

Take your team through a guided, 12-month journey designed to deliver total team transformation.  

Whether your team is struggling with interpersonal conflict, dysfunctional behavior, poor productivity, reluctant collaboration, a lack of true team cohesion, or all of the above, this comprehensive program provides the support your team needs to work together productively to achieve team goals.  

12-month series includes:  

  • quarterly virtual or in-person half-day teaming events  
  • weekly teaming accountability, exercises, & support  
  • biweekly Parallel Management consulting sessions  

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Parallel Management Executive Retreats 

Overcome obstacles, and get your executive team moving forward as one cohesive unit.   

In this customized event, bring your team leaders together for a deep dive into team issues, interpersonal challenges, and management opportunities.   

Leave with a team-wide strategic plan and unprecedented clarity and cohesion.   


  • Explore your executive team’s collective personality and its impact on the organization 
  • Learn where each leader’s and team’s strengths lie 
  • Understand where managers must stretch and grow in order to achieve team goals 
  • Identify specific goals and action steps for each leader and their team 

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Want to lead your own transformative team events? Become a Certified DISC Facilitator (CDF). Our CDF Training program will teach you everything you need to know. 

Parallel Management Consulting

Confidently manage your people and your profitability in parallel.  

Creating an engaged, profitable team means effectively managing strategy and culture in parallel. 

Unfortunately, most of us are good at one or the other: Either we excel with people, or we excel with systems and structure. 

If you’re a manager, it’s up to you to make sure both your team and your systems are operating smoothly. That likely means stretching outside your comfort zone.  

Stretching isn’t easy, but if you want a productive, profitable team, it’s worth it. We can help. 

Self-awareness coaching & goal alignment

If you’re working with people, it’s not a question of if conflict will occur – it’s a question of when. As a manager, how do you make effective decisions in the face of conflict? How do you identify the right way forward? 

Self-awareness is the answer. 

Who are you? What do you really want? Your answers to questions like these will guide you through the storm of conflict, allowing you to productively resolve issues and keep your team moving forward. 

Increase your self-awareness, improve your ability to resolve conflict, and align your team’s actions to achieve team goals.

Explore Parallel Management Consulting packages.

Action planning & delegation

Feeling overwhelmed as you try to figure out how to support your team? You may be inclined to take it all on yourself rather than burdening your team by asking them for more. 

But the most effective teams are led by managers who successfully engage, motivate, delegate, and develop their people, not the ones who try to do it all. 

With support from your Parallel Management Guide, discover your personal management style and learn how your style influences the way you direct, delegate, and motivate.  

Explore Parallel Management Consulting packages.

Strategic introductions 

It can be lonely at the top. But that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Everyone needs accountability, and it helps when it comes from someone with a little outside perspective. 

If you’ve got ambitious goals or projects in the works, and you’re finding it hard to stay the course, a little accountability might be just the thing you need.  

Your Parallel Management Guide can give you just the boost you need to get the job done. 

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Parallel Management retreats 

Ready to see your team come together and work as one? Get your leadership or management team moving forward collaboratively with our customized Parallel Management retreats. 

For a full day or multi-day event, bring your team leaders together for a deep dive into team issues, interpersonal challenges, and management opportunities.   

Leave with a team-wide strategic plan and unprecedented clarity and cohesion. 

Explore Parallel Management Consulting packages.

Fractional CEO services 

Taking your organization in a new direction? Receive the support you need to navigate crucial decisions with confidence. 

Fractional CEO services can help bridge the gap between old and new, facilitating organizational change and ensuring ongoing profitability.  

Explore Parallel Management Consulting packages.

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“[Parallel Management CEO] Todd Bradberry has incredible experience in leadership and executive management. He is willing to lean into a company’s vision and use his resources to scale and facilitate growth and change.”

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No matter your team’s needs, we have the right resources to help you on your way.

Proven Team Assessment Tools
  • EVERYTHING DiSC® Workplace Profile
  • Agile EQ Profile
  • Productive Conflict Profile
  • Catalyst Online learning platform
  • The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
  • PXT Select™ Hiring
Effective Team-Building Events
  • Parallel Management Remote Teaming Foundations
  • EVERYTHING DiSC® – The Culture Catalyst™
  • The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ – Teamwork as a Competitive Advantage
  • CDF – Certified DiSC® Facilitator Training
Parallel Management Consulting
  • Self-awareness coaching & goal alignment
  • Action planning & delegation
  • Marketing consulting & research
  • Executive support & accountability
  • Leadership board retreats
  • On-call fractional CEO

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