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Unlock the power of DISC as a Parallel Management Certified DISC Facilitator. 

Ready to build more collaborative teams, help your clients achieve their goals, and add powerfully effective teaming tools your consulting toolbox? 

We can help. 

Whether you’re a coach, trainer, consultant, or team leader, the Parallel Management DISC certification gives you everything you need to level up your business or your team. 

What’s included? 

When you choose to become a Parallel Management Certified DISC Facilitator, you receive: 

  • Multiple in-depth Everything DiSC training courses  
  • Virtual learning sessions plus one-on-one coaching 
  • Marketing materials, guidance, and sales support  
  • Workshop facilitation tools  
  • A comprehensive access portal for purchasing credits, assigning codes, & preparing reports 

Gain a competitive advantage, add a new revenue source, and provide additional value to your clients. 

Start today! 

Becoming a Parallel Management Certified DISC Facilitator is easy. 

Our comprehensive training package comes complete with everything you need to succeed. 

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