The Five Behaviors® Team Development Profile

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Guide team members to improve trust and form collaborative work relationships with The Five Behaviors® Team Development assessments.

Teammates are scored on the five key teamwork behaviors identified in Patrick Lencioni’s groundbreaking book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team:

  • Trust: Vulnerability-based trust lays a foundation for team cohesion. 
  • Conflict: Constructive conflict allows teams to broaden their perspective and take feedback into account when decision-making. 
  • Commitment: When teams are clear on their purpose, and all teammates know their voices have been heard, moving forward together becomes second nature. 
  • Accountability: One of the most difficult skills to master, accountability among teammates keeps all team efforts flowing smoothly. 
  • Results: Achieving team objectives is why the team exists. Doing so well makes for satisfying, enjoyable work. 

The result: Improve the way your team members work together with The Five Behaviors®. Boost engagement, amp up productivity, and establish a more fulfilling and enjoyable team environment and culture. 


Each personalized, 37-page profile reveals: 

  • A customized journey exploring The Five Behaviors® 
  • Individual and team opportunities lie for improving teamwork and team cohesion 
  • Follow-up lessons to ensure ongoing application takeaways  

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58 + $148.00

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