Merger Announcement

At Parallel Management, we guide team leaders to manage strategy and culture in parallel, resulting in productive, profitable teaming. 

We understand that the value of a company comes in two parts: the systems that drive it, and the people who manage those systems. Without both, a business cannot succeed, which is why we always take a dual approach: guiding team leaders to manage both their business systems and their teams strategically and in parallel. 

When systems are solid and teams are working together productively, the result is a state of rhythm and flow. 

Work Productively… from Home? The WFH Productivity Problem

Pre-2020, we often worked with our clients in person, connecting with them in their “natural habitat” to encourage immediate engagement and on-site improvement. Then a pandemic hit, the world turned upside down, and everyone was sent home and told to work remotely.

Overnight, the lines between work and life disappeared. We all now worked from home… which felt more like living at work. With stay-at-home mandates in place, many team leaders ended up at the kitchen table, trying to function professionally within a profoundly personal environment (all, of course, while supervising distance-learning kids). 

In addition to managing their own remote workflow, team leaders were also suddenly responsible for helping teammates function productively from their unpredictable, at-home work spaces. 

An Unexpected Solution

On a mission to guide teams to productivity and profitability in the new remote work world, in September 2020, Parallel Management acquired theNeatNiche, an organizing company founded in 2010 with a team of organizing consultants already trained and focused on guiding clients to clear clutter and create lean, streamlined systems for work, life, and home. 

Together, Parallel Management and theNeatNiche are equipping teams, managers, and leaders to embrace and thrive in the “remote work world revolution.” 

What’s in It for You?

So what does theNeatNiche’s merger with Parallel Management mean for you? In short, it means more time, less stress, and better systems for you, your team, your family, and your life.

In addition to continuing to offer the same gold standard, game-changing team assessment tools and interactive team-building events, Parallel Management is now perfectly positioned to help you manage your P&L AND your team… your work AND your life… your systems AND yourself, all in parallel.

Ready to level up your team, find your flow, and boost both productivity and profitability? Consider our new, merged offerings:

  • Remote Teaming Jumpstart: A 90-minute, virtual team-building event to improve team communications and level up productivity and team cohesiveness
  • Workflow from Home: A personalized program to address WFH challenges, identify and prioritize action steps to improve your productivity, and refine your remote workspace to support your (work AND life) goals
  • Double Power Organizing Session: A transformational, three-hour organizing session with two organizers, perfect for banishing perpetual piles and re-energizing your spaces

With theNeatNiche as a division of Parallel Management, it’s easier to manage work and life in parallel. 

Please help us welcome our new tNN teammates to the Parallel Management team by visiting theNeatNiche website!

If systems for success sound like the solution you’ve been seeking, you can also schedule your very own Jump-Start Session for home, work, or life.

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