The Five Behaviors Virtual Teams with Patrick Lencioni

As we find ourselves and our teams working remotely, now more than ever, the way we team matters. 

Organizations are responding by adopting matrixed organizational structures that enable agility and cross-functional collaboration, but also create a new set of challenges. The ability for individuals within an organization to work together effectively and productively is now more critical than ever—it’s time to rewrite the rules of teamwork.

Introducing The Five Behaviors® for Virtual Teams

The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams is a learning experience based on the principles of The Five Behaviors Personal Development Solution with the goal to help learners develop the critical skills and behaviors to work effectively with others in the virtual workplace.

Three key components:

  1. The Five Behaviors Personal Development Assessment. Each participant will start by taking the Five Behaviors Personal Development Assessment that will help them better understand their strengths and challenges within the Five Behaviors model for teamwork.
  2. Learners have the opportunity to watch “The Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams,” an exclusive on-demand event with Patrick Lencioni through April 23rd, to hear his unique insights on the challenges teams are currently facing, and the behaviors needed to work together effectively. In addition, Dr. Mark Scullard, Senior Director of Product Innovation at Wiley, will introduce the Five Behaviors for Virtual Teams learning experience and how it can help individuals shape their approach to virtual teamwork. 
  3. Once assessment is completed, participants can experience the 90-minute facilitation on Trust and Conflict. Learners will walk away with an understanding of how to apply key principles from The Five Behaviors model to virtual teamwork.  

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