Certified DISC Facilitator (CDF) JumpStart Package


Become a CDF 

Looking for more now that you’ve seen the benefits of DISC first-hand? Become a Certified DISC Facilitator (CDF) through Parallel Management Company. 

Expand your knowledge, receive personalized support from seasoned facilitators, and effectively apply DISC in all kinds of situations to achieve productive, collaborative teaming.  

Train a Teammate 

Want DISC in your team but don’t want to do it yourself? Let us train a teammate to become an internal CDF.  

We’ll walk your chosen teammate or team leader through ropes, answering questions and supporting active application of new knowledge and tools. 

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Facilitated Learning  

Everything DiSC® Assessment and Learning Experience – $550 

DiSC “Train the Trainer” – 4 hours $295  

Everything DiSC® Essentials™ – Online Learning – $495  

One-to-one virtual coaching, up to 2 hours – $550 


EPIC Account & Assessment Credits  

EPIC® Portal for managing assessments – $195  

60 EPIC Credits (= 4 Everything DiSC Workplace assessments) – $263 


Facilitation & Support Materials 

Workshop Facilitation Kit – $495  

Everything DiSC Research Manual – $50  


Total Value – $2,8932  

Your Certified DISC Facilitator Investment – $1795 


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