A New Way to Improve Talent Management

We’re excited to annouce, the PXT Select brand is expanding to provide more resources to help improve talent management. Goes beyond hiring by engaging your team fully and creating a high-performance culture. PXT Select is your one-stop-shop talent management solution. 


PXTS NonCognitive

All the same without the cognitive component and less time to complete. This assessment allows business leaders to make talent decisions based on just behavioral traits and interests when:
  1. cognitive ability has been pre-established, such as their education, specialized experience, or professional license or,
  2. when measuring cognitive ability is not a requirement at the point of hiring

CheckPoint 360°™ Survey 

Organizations can’t afford ineffective managers & leaders. This feedback survey helps evaluate the effectiveness of managers and leaders and provides a personalized approach for developing leadership skills and improving job performance. CheckPoint 360 helps by:   
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Improve job performance by using multiple points of feedback 
  • Boost employee morale, productivity, and satisfaction 
  • Improve management training and skills development 
  • Identify talent gaps and develop critical skills   

*To learn more on developing leaders, join us August 18, 3:30-4:30 pm for Creating a High-Performing Culture Through Leadership Development 

The Step One Survey®

Hire employees you can trust. Step One Survey provides information businesses can use to hire employees who are honest, reliable, and hardworking. Helps by:

  • Acquire valid insight early in a candidate’s selection process 
  • Measure an individual’s basic work-related values and assess an applicant’s work ethic, reliability, and integrity 
  • Reduce the risk when hiring new candidates in a quick and cost-effective way 

The Customer Service Profile

Provides information that customer-facing organizations can use to attract and develop people with the traits and skills to excel in customer service roles. The assessment helps companies maximize their brand recognition, minimize the cost of bad hires, and deliver outstanding brand experiences that positively impact the bottom line. Helps:

  • Get an objective look at the skills your customer service organization needs
  • Hire the right candidates for customer service roles
  • Improve client satisfaction by delivering the service your clients expect

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