Success Stories

Our clients are vastly different in ages, stages, life situations, and spaces. Yet they share one desire: to enjoy life. These are their success stories.


“You were so instrumental in getting me into a good place, not only in my home, but also in my heart and mind. Thank you for serving so excellently. If we ever need you again, you will be the first we call, and we’ll recommend you to our friends as well!”

Lisa A., Montpelier VA 

“Hiring an organizer is not just a luxury. It’s a necessity, especially if all you have is a mental picture of where you want to be, and you don’t know where to start. I have worked with theNeatNiche for several projects… I could tell you about the time I’ve saved, about my new systems for electronic filing and managing my schedule, or about the comments I’m getting about how nice my spaces look – but those things don’t really capture the experience of working with them. You always know you’ll see a difference by the end of your session,  and their persistence during the process makes for good motivation afterwards, too. I’m now more engaged with my work and my staff, and I’m more comfortable and relaxed at home. The biggest difference, though, is how I feel. I no longer feel rushed or stressed. It’s like a weight has been lifted, and my mental stress is gone. It’s a more effective, satisfying way of living and working, and my days are more pleasant and calming.”

Janet J., Richmond VA

“I felt frazzled and disordered before my session. During it, I felt energized. After, I feel proud and calm!”

Carrie C., Midlothian VA 

theNeatNiche has been helping me organize my physical, electronic and mental spaces for many years now. Erin’s calming presence definitely exudes a judgement-free environment where I could be myself & work at my own pace but work together. Erin asks questions to help understand your thought process so she can help you come up with a system that will work for you so you can stick with it. I highly recommend Erin and theNeatNiche to all my friends and family who want to help organize their spaces & set up systems to keep their homes and offices running like a well-oiled machine!”

Stacey S., Richmond VA

“This company is well trained to handle all different types of people! It can be hard to part with some items, but they help to sort through all these emotions and come to decisions that feel good.”

Renee K., Mechanicsville VA 

“theNeatNiche was wonderful at helping me work through the clutter systematically and coming up with helpful tidbits and suggestions throughout the organizing process! I will definitely work with them again and will be recommending them to others.”

Alice S., Richmond VA 

“Erin has an incredible ability to ask questions about how you work and how your habits land THINGS in certain places where they stack up. She can then develop an organizational system that works for your tendencies. I have benefited from her expertise in our personal space with my family’s kitchen, our garage, our living space and my home-based business space. She gives you methods of keeping your habits in check while you adjust to the more effective systems. The weight lifted after each organizing session has been invaluable and I look forward to our annual “tune up” to see what organizational systems need to be adjusted for how our lives and business has changed. HIGHLY recommend Erin and her team to anyone who wants more time in their day, more productivity in their business and less frustration overall.”

Tasha S., Glen Allen VA 

“Erin is an intuitive, creative, and focused business woman who has a proven track record of helping others. And, of course, she’s super-organized! So, guess what? She can help you clean up your clutter, organize, and get a little of that much-deserved, relaxing headspace! I highly recommend Erin and theNeatNiche if you need a little help (or a lot of help!) to organize your home!”

Camille H., Richmond VA 

“I just heard Erin speak at the Women’s Business Council of the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce. She had an excellent, most helpful presentation about decluttering and de-stressing your life. I hope to see and hear her speak again soon.”

Kimberly T., Chesterfield VA 

Home organizing

I can’t say enough good things about theNeatNiche. They are making the organizing jobs I have been putting off and dreading for YEARS actually enjoyable. I have used them twice in the past two months and have been so happy with the efficiency and quality of help they have offered me that I have signed up for their SanitySavers program in order to be able to have them back on an as-needed basis, for the year to come and probably beyond. Heather and Lauren feel almost like friends or sisters sorting through my junk with me with ease while chatting and offer really smart ideas about the spaces in my house. Not only is there no judgment, there is total support and camaraderie. And Karen is so much fun to talk to on the phone for setting up appointments. She is a natural cheerleader and will make you feel good about the job before you even get started. I never thought I’d say I was looking forward to cleaning out my overflowing closets – the next job I will tackle with tNN’s help after the basement – but I am. That says it all, not to mention how much peace my newly cleaned out and organized spaces have instantaneously brings to your home.

Jackie C., Richmond VA

theNeatNiche came in and excavated my home office. Erin and Lauren made the process super easy and left me with a clear system that made sense. And it’s one that I have been able to keep up! I would wholeheartedly recommend Erin and theNeatNiche to anyone, especially for those rooms you just can’t figure out how to work with. Amazing! I plan on using tNN again for other areas in the future!

Emily S., North Chesterfield VA

So I’m sure you hear this multiple times a day but I thought I’d join in – You are amazing!!! I can’t thank you enough. You’ve helped me fall in love with my kitchen all over again. Not once have I gone to the wrong place for something since we organized everything. It’s like everything was always supposed to be where it is right now. I really had the best time working with you. It was so fun and so easy. Can’t wait to do it again!

Brandon S., Glen Allen VA 

In addition to being so helpful, efficient and productive, Erin and her team have the most lovely, non-judgemental, calming presence and they ask just the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. This is so effective, and it brings ease and grace to an otherwise time-consuming, daunting task!  I love having them in my home and look forward to periodically using the hours I accrue with them monthly! Their SanitySavers program is key to budgeting this service into our family life. Thank you Erin and theNeatNiche team!!

Heather J., Midlothian VA

This was a guest room closet where many boxes had been piling up, and I was feeling quite overwhelmed. The organizers went through it all efficiently and I was able to get rid of a TON of stuff I don’t need, and make the stuff I need to go through much more manageable. They also helped me strategize for the future. I LOVED the fact that they took away a load for donation. I am excited for future sessions.

Bergen N., Richmond VA 

I had an amazing experience! The organizers in this company are extremely well trained. This company truly does provide an important service. When they come in your house they make you feel at ease and you do NOT feel like you are being judged at all! Amanda helped me today tackle our junk room that I desperately needed cleaned so that I could have an office. She helped me feel at ease that 1. this was completely doable and 2. that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. She gave me an action list of things to take care of and she helped it feel way less overwhelming. This was an AMAZING experience, and I will 100% be using them again in the near future!

Leana M., Short Pump VA 

My home office turned from a dark, over-furnished, psychologically cluttered space, into a clean, bright, streamlined, modern space that is clearly a home office.  Although I thought my office was organized for my work, and all my tools and files had their spot, I was avoiding actually using the space every day. My organizer identified that the office was too dark, was trying too hard to be both a living room and a home office, and there was more storage than I needed. She came in, rolled up her sleeves and started moving furniture. I couldn’t believe she replaced two giant storage pieces with three small pieces, and everything has a place, with space left over! Now, my office is light and bright and I love working in there every day.

Julie E., Mechanicsville VA 

I had spent my entire adult life living in a mess. I’d had people come in and help “straighten” things only to end up back where I was. I decided to call theNeatNiche “house maintenance.” I knew I could do something about it myself, but would I really? No. I would pay someone to paint my house, clean the gutter, etc. So, I hired theNeatNiche to help organize my house.  This was the BEST thing I have ever done! Erin asked the right questions to help me determine what I needed to keep and what would be of better use in someone else’s house (or the trash). What I got rid of were items that I realized I really did not need. My house is calmer, and when I get home and don’t face all the clutter, but the best part is that my house “works.” Everything is where it is convenient to use. I find I am using more of my things. Also, I’ve saved a ton of money. I don’t go to the store and re-buy what I already have. I know where everything is so it’s easy to take an inventory so I don’t have to rebuy. Also, I don’t go purchase new things as much because I know I already have something like it, or realize I really don’t have a place for it. Since my organizing sessions with Erin, I have been able to entertain often (which I LOVE).  My kids and husband are now proud to bring people into the house. They are proud to be there. There is a difference between organizing and straightening. And there is a difference between someone who knows how to organize and a professional organizer. theNeatNiche organized my house so it works for me! I highly recommend them. Your house will work better than ever! P.S. It’s been 6 months and my house just keeps getting better!

Darlene S., Midlothian VA 

Moving & downsizing

Words cannot express how fantastic this company is!! I recently moved and was incredibly overwhelmed with organizing all of my stuff. After searching and researching extensively in this area for an organizer, I came across theNeatNiche and am so happy I did! Erin and Heather had a clear vision of what was needed for my home and made it happen! They are super friendly, professional, non-judgemental and incredibly efficient. I am forever grateful for their help and would highly recommend this company for anyone ready to make a lifestyle change for the better!

Allison F., Glen Allen VA  

theNeatNiche was so helpful in helping get settled in my new house. My organizer was so encouraging. I was amazed at how much we got done in a short time.

Emily W., Glen Allen VA 

theNeatNiche has helped us move twice in the last three years. Most recently, when I became sick, we needed a smaller, more manageable home – but because I was ill, I was unable to contribute as I wanted to. The majority of the packing and purging fell on my husband’s shoulders… even though most of the actual stuff that needed packing was mine or our kids’. Not only were we moving homes, our kids were also growing up from little bitty people to elementary and middle schoolers. So our family’s needs were also shifting at the same time. Fortunately, Erin and her team swooped in and helped us navigate both big and small questions that normally we would have avoided or told ourselves we would “deal with it later.” After just two weeks of sessions, we were able to downsize significantly. This also meant we had to move less stuff to our new home, saving us time and money. Just like the last move where tNN helped us, when we moved into the new house, we had what we needed and knew how to unpack once we got there. More importantly, we now live more freely in our new, smaller space.  Moving and downsizing can be so stressful, but having an expert lead us made the experience much smoother for our whole family. Erin and her team at tNN support the process of streamlining and organizing with curiosity, not judgment, which I really appreciate. I’d recommend anyone moving or downsizing their stuff to invite the organizers at tNN into their journey.

Tasha S., Glen Allen VA 

In anticipation of selling our home, Erin and her team helped me re-organize my attic. For 12 years I intended to do it and never made the time. Low ceiling eaves and all, they spent hours resorting and labeling boxes. This allowed for a much more systematic move. I could quickly identify what things could be donated and what things were to be moved. After they did their work I was SO relieved! I no longer was in denial about getting it done. Erin clearly “sees the path to organization,” and she and her team get it done!

Doris H., Richmond VA 

We had an awesome Power Organizing Session! We just moved, and it was SO helpful and productive. I admit I wasn’t sure exactly how to use the session (but knew we needed it!)… Erin did a wonderful job of listening, assessing the house and our needs, and making the most of the time we had. We were given the motivation and “where to start” tips – just what we needed to get settled and organized in our new home! Thank you!”

Carolyn C., Richmond VA 

A wonderful experience. Erin and Amanda were most helpful and very “real.” We cannot wait for next Saturday’s session, and then we’ll have them back later in the summer to help us “move in” to our newly designed spaces. Great people, great job, great experience.

Bill C., Mechanicsville VA 

work & productivity

I’ve had a great experience working with theNeatNiche. My organizer came to my office to help organize my physical space first, then I asked her to come back for some assistance with e-mail and computer files. The change in my desk, bookcase, and filing cabinets still amazes me, and my students could not believe the before-and-after change to my office. She helped identify potential pitfalls and worked with me to create a new filing system for my physical and digital files that actually works for me. Of course, I found loads of old and unnecessary documents, but my organizer was encouraging and understanding throughout the process. She has continued to hold me accountable, too, which I really appreciate. I highly recommend theNeatNiche’s work and am looking forward to my next refresher session!

Emily P., Richmond VA

People keep coming into my office and commenting on how organized and clean the office looks, but more importantly is how much better I feel – like a weight has been lifted off me. I can easily find things. I can focus on my tasks and can get a lot more accomplished, now that my office has an organizational sense. It works perfect for me. I’ve found that this system has made it easy to keep my things in order, because there is an immediately logical place for each item.

James B., Richmond VA 

theNeatNiche has been a huge help to me as I transition in my role with my current company. I was all over town for one-to-one meetings and networking events and was losing a lot of time driving back and forth. Now I have improved my productivity by following my organizer’s suggestion to schedule one-to-one’s back-to-back, at one place, during designated times of the week. This has helped me block off time during the day to do specific activities and stick to a more structured routine. theNeatNiche not only organizes your physical space but also your mind and your time to be more productive in your life and career. Thank you for all of your help!

Emma B., Ashland VA 

Your session was akin to helping me unclog a drain that was backed up. The filing system remains in place 🙂 and I have delegated basic filing tasks so far. Thank you so much for your help. If we need additional assistance I will certainly reach out. 

Anthony D., Richmond VA 

I’m so relieved now! Working with theNeatNiche has created more peace of mind for me. I was distracted and frustrated trying to find what I was supposed to work on – it was taking so long to find the stuff on my computer that I would just give up looking for it! Going through my emails was irritating… I knew things were falling through the cracks, but I didn’t know how much or how to fill the cracks until I worked with my organizer on my new email and electronic filing system. It’s so easy now – I actually WANT to work! I always know what I should be doing, and I can find what I need right away – it’s saved me 15 hours a week and thousands of dollars. I’m even making calls and following up – and I have three new clients and two new distributors on my team! I love my organizer!

Eyvette T., Richmond VA

Working with theNeatNiche was an enlightening experience. I have new systems in place that make it easy to find what I need, when I need it. As a result, I now feel more positive about my work, and I’m definitely working more efficiently. I’ve shaved an hour off my work day – that’s nearly 300 hours a year!

Donna H., Richmond, VA 

THANK YOU so much for the helpful tips and new implementations.  Yesterday I felt really overwhelmed, like I was drowning with paperwork and backlogged projects. This morning I woke up with a new attitude because I have a plan in place. The services you offer are such a blessing to me!!  Thank you again for everything!

Megan G., Richmond VA 

With a very brief period of time, we developed a set of changes that simplified the expectations of my staff. The overall structure we created during our time together provided a process that I am using to help all of my managers to better organize. We are seeing much higher results in less time. Furthermore, your consulting has gotten me back to the old ‘just do it’ kinda guy that I was when younger. I feel re-energized – thank you.

Tom B., Colonial Heights VA 

Erin helped bring an organizing process to my business. Using her own carefully developed process, she took time to understand my unique needs and then went to work crafting a solution that continues to evolve as my needs continue to change. While she helps with the design and implementation, she teaches the principles so the process doesn’t become stagnant. Erin is helpful and conscientious, always ready to offer additional assistance should it be necessary. I’ll call on her when it’s time to tweak the system, or I simply outgrow it. If you are struggling with time management or just a messy desk, I recommend a conversation with Erin or her team.

Joe R., Richmond VA 

Fox Richmond was fortunate to have theNeatNiche come to our station to help organize our sales team! Despite not knowing the TV business, Erin was able to quickly grasp the overall gist of what we do and how she could help us better serve our clients by being super organized. She helped us create systems that allowed us to STAY organized and thought of ideas that some of us who have been in this world for 15 plus years hadn’t thought of. theNeatNiche is a fantastic service that can help any business increase profitability by ensuring through organizational systems that nothing slips through the cracks.

Jessica M., Richmond, VA 

Within one three-hour meeting, Erin was able to design a daily schedule for me which consisted of designated time blocks for each type of task I needed to accomplish. After one week of following my new schedule, I already noticed a huge difference. One, I was much more relaxed knowing that each task had its own assigned time and thus would eventually get done during the week. Two, I got my weekends back! Third, I am now doing the important things in a timely manner, which is moving the mark in my business. In retrospect, it was the best three hours I spent all year! I highly recommend Erin, her team, and their services.

Mary M., Richmond VA 

I highly recommend Erin and theNeatNiche to all who want to help organize their spaces and set up systems to keep their homes and offices running like a well-oiled machine!” 

Stacey S. 

“I can’t say enough good things about theNeatNiche. They are making the organizing jobs I have been putting off and dreading for YEARS actually enjoyable. I never thought I’d say I was looking forward to cleaning out my overflowing closets, but I am. That says it all.” 

Jackie C. 

Not once have I gone to the wrong place for something since we organized everything. It’s like everything was always supposed to be where it is right now.” 

Brandon S. 

“I had spent my entire adult life living in a mess. So, I hired theNeatNiche. This was the BEST thing I have ever done! My house is calmer, and everything is where it is convenient to use. I have been able to entertain often (which I LOVE).” 

Darlene S. 

“theNeatNiche came in and excavated my home office. [They] left me with a clear system that made sense. And it’s one that I have been able to keep up! Amazing!” 

Emily S.  

“After just two weeks of sessions, we were able to downsize significantly. More importantly, we now live more freely in our new, smaller space. Moving and downsizing can be so stressful, but having an expert lead us made the experience much smoother for our whole family.” 

Tasha S.  

“Your session was akin to helping me unclog a drain that was backed up.”  

Anthony D.  

“It was taking so long to find stuff on my computer that I would just give up looking for it [until] I worked with my organizer on my new email and electronic filing system. It’s so easy now – I actually WANT to work! I always know what I should be doing, and I can find what I need right away.” 

Eyvette T. 

“I have new systems in place that make it easy to find what I need, when I need it. As a result, I’m definitely working more efficiently. I’ve shaved an hour off my work day – that’s nearly 300 hours a year!” 

Donna H. 

“Helpful and conscientious. If you are struggling with time management or just a messy desk, I recommend a conversation with Erin and her team.” 

Joe R. 

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