Organizing FAQS

Do I need to be present during the session? answers to this question and more.

“What is professional organizing? Why should I hire a professional?”

Though our services appear to focus on decluttering, professional organizing is about much more than just the stuff.

Piles are often a symptom of an underlying habit, unanswered questions, or postponed decisions; bringing in a professional to help you sort through, purge, and systemize the items you love, need, and use can be transformational both inside and out.

Let us free you from what’s holding you back and help you embrace the life you want!

Do I have to organize my entire house all at once?” 

Only if you want to! We are happy to work on projects of any size. Our team can come in for a large “home makeover” project, but we can also work with you to tackle your spaces room by room.

​If you prefer the bite-sized approach, we have flexible session options that will allow us to work through the project with you, one room at a time. ​

I’m too embarrassed to call, yet alone let you into my home. Any advice

First and foremost, please know that WE DO NOT JUDGE. We understand that it can be a big deal to even pick up the phone to ask for help, and we applaud you for taking action to address your challenges.

Remember that we do this for a living – we’ve seen many, many piles! Our interest is in helping you move beyond frustration and overwhelm to a more positive, purposeful place. If you’re ready to make that happen and need assistance in getting there, we want to support you!

Do you help hoarding?

There are three types of disorganization – situational, chronic, and hoarding.

We specialize in situational challenges (often caused by life transitions such as moving, downsizing, marriage, or divorce, new baby, loss of loved one, or changes in physical or mental abilities) and also assist with chronic (life-long) disorganization.

Though the term “hoarding” is tossed around colloquially thanks to reality TV, true hoarding stems from a specific psychological disorder. Both situational and chronic disorganization can be extreme without being a hoarding situation.

We therefore encourage anyone wanting to get organized to give us a call; if hoarding is present, we will be able to tell during the phone consult and will suggest some specific alternate resources.

Do I need to be present for the organizing process?”

For the most part, yes – we prefer to work directly with the person whose stuff we’re organizing because no one knows your spaces and your possessions as intimately as you.

However, if being present is too overwhelming, we can work around your needs, bringing you in only intermittently to answer questions that will help us move the project along.

What can I do to prepare for your visit?

We don’t require any specific preparation before a session, but if you feel motivated and want to take action, feel free to ask your organizer what you can do to prepare!

Depending on the space we’ll be addressing, we may suggest creating a list of the types of items that shoud live in that room, purging “easy- decisions” (items you know can go), or shopping for containers that you love and want to use in your storage system.

What if I have papers or belongings I’d rather the organizer not see?

Not to worry! We abide by the Code of Ethics laid out by NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers), which calls for integrity, competence, objectivity, respect, courtesy, and confidentiality between organizers and clients.

If there are possessions or private papers you’d still rather not share with your organizer, you are welcome to move them to an alternate location before beginning an organizing project. If we come across private items during an organizing session, you will be given the opportunity to remove them from the area before we proceed with the project.

What geographical area do you serve?

We offer on-site services throughout Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding areas. If you’re not located in RVA but still want to work with us, we offer virtual services as well. Please contact us for more information about working with us virtually!

Yes! We offer gift certificates for any occasion. After all, organization benefits everyone! Dads, Grads, Moms, Wives, Business Owners, Managers, Commuters, and Artists….who in your life deserves a little less stress?

Contact us to discuss your customized certificate!

Should I buy organizing containers before my organizer arrives?

Organization and containers seem to go hand-in-hand, but buying containers before you know what you’re storing and how is a lot like putting the chicken before the egg. For that reason, we recommend waiting until you and your organizer have reached the “containerizing” part of the organizing process before investing in the right baskets or bins. When that time comes, check out theNeatNiche’s Amazon page for organizer-approved tools and containers for every space.

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